Cooperation Partner

Cooperation Partner

In 2018, Vietnam has received 15.6 millions of international visitors, with the revenue of 620.000 Billions VND from tourism. Vietnam target to have 17-20 millions international visitors and 82 millions domestic travellers in 2020, with total revenue of 35 Billions USD, 10% GDP (VNAT). Hospitality and Tourism Industry plays a key role in the Economy, creating millions of jobs each year. 

What is your opportunity?

VHRPRO is A Platform that Hospitality Industry Professionals can share and find opportunities for the mutual benefit from relevant selective partnership in the rewarding hospitality industry.

Members can:

  • Find/List Jobs in Job Centers
  • Attend Conferences and Events, Networking Events
  • Market Update: Reports
  • Opportunity Update
  • Opportunity Exchange
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Earn Opportunities, rewards,
  • Get inspired
  • Member Discounts
  • Leaders’ Thoughts

What members can do:

  • Introduce your services
  • Invite your network
  • Introduce opportunities
  • Introduce customers
  • Recommend other services that you have used/known

VHRPRO creates an active and professional Hospitality and Tourism Ecosystem to work with professional partners in Hospitality and Toursim to provides the outstanding services and products to customers.

Cooperation Partners can save time and cost in the era of Industry 4.0 to reach to potential partners, employees and customers. We would like to build a long-term relationship with our partners in order to cater outstanding services and options to customers.

Professional Hospitality and Tourism Companies as well as Consultants are welcome to join us to build a successful sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Vietnam.

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Sell on VHRPRO

To become a VHRPRO Cooperation Partner please contact us with the title of your interested topics, Ex: “Join Supply Chain Network” at:

  • Hotline +84 (0) 243 999 7911

Note: Only suitable for professional Hospitality and Tourism companies and Consultants

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VHRPRO and ADSENGER = VADSPRO Advertisting Package for Hospitality and Travel Enterprises for development.

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