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WINHMS Spa is a product that has been developed to suit the unique needs of the spa industry.
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SPA is a Comprehensive SPA Management Software System that offers automation of complete SPA operations. It is deal for medium to large SPA operations with excellent management of bookings, Guest, analysis with in-built workflow.

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System maintains extensive Guest profile information like likes, allergies, comments, consultant cards, medical history and personal information. Using these data, the system generates numerous marketing campaign emails.

WINHMS Spa interfaces with various systems such as the WINHMS PMS, credit card and gift card systems, back office systems and also loyalty schemes thereby providing a seamless flow of guest-centric information. Key features include:

Resource management

Activity scheduling

Waitlist management and turn away tracking

Group bookings

Room management

Club membership

Inventory management

Therapy based consumption tracking and analysis

Financial reporting and analysis

Audit Trials

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