Cuong Nguyen

Cuong Nguyen

Feel on the Lotus - s symbol of Vietnam

Lotus is a purity and the oldest tradition in the East. This is an Asian-originated aquatic plant and occupies an ancient position in all of the special Buddhist cultures. The wings, pistils and mirrors made up a lotus flower with a beautiful bar and bright colors.

The lotus grows in the mud, lives in the mud but goes beyond it to reach the sun without being polluted or smudged. Like a person born in the world, exists in the midst of life but has escaped from greed, deep hatred, desires and is not stained, polluted by the stream of life.

In Vietnam, the lotus is classified into four quarters (four seasons): Lan, lotus, chrysanthemum, apricot and ranked in the "quartet death" along with components, chrysanthemum. Lotus is suitable for tropical climate like our country. From North to South, it is everywhere, close and close to people like bamboo, ... If in the North, the lotus bloom only in summer, the most throughout the South all year round.

In the heart of each Vietnamese people, lotus is a flower that symbolizes the beauty of bright, high and pure nature.Therefore, lotus is always a source of inspiration of poetry and art ...

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