To effective sharing information between members, customers and partners, you need to register to be a member with specific needs.

Please follows these steps:

Step 1: REGISTER TO BECOME A MEMBER (Click to Register)

 (If you have completed step 1 before, you can skip this step and move on to step 2)

When registering as a member you can share your relevant information in targeted category, search for the information that you need or connect with potential customers, partners when they have the needs and sharing here.


(If you have completed step 2 before, you can skip this step and move on to step 3)

This form is with a purpose to understand members and for support members to connect with potential clients or partners faster and better. Other members can understand your capacity? What you would like to offer? What are you looking for from other members or which categories you are interested.

Step 3: LOG IN (Click for detail instruction)

 (If you have completed step 3 before, you can skip this step and move on to step 4)

After you have finished Step 1 and Step 2, Admin will set your right to post and view other members’ info based on your requirement and your need only. Ordinary members can see at least 20 posts, special members have more support of sharing and viewing based on the need mentioned in Step 2 (If you haven’t complete Step 2, we advise you to complete this step), you can update your need whenever the requirement arise.

Step 4: CREATE YOUR POSTS (Click for detail instruction)

When you sharing your information and requirement, we can support you to connect with other members as well as clients better. When you posting about your need, you can be also set the right to see or connect with relevant members, clients or partners. Therefore, the more details and specific about your need, the better.

Depending on your differenct needs, you can post more than 2 postings.

For further support, please contact: Email: 


The information for registration and creating posts is required to be full, spelled and consistent with each other. Besides that, this information must be truthful, clear, not misleading and suitable for Vietnam culture as well as obey Vietnamese law.

Information about the products or services of individuals or organizations will also be evaluated by other members when using each other's products to help other members have more confidence when deciding on the selection.

The wrong information will be removed without notice.

See more detail at User Guideline on our website.


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